fitness for your inner witness / by vanessa

I got a wristband. Normally this occasion would call for an exclamation point, at least, but I'm suspicious. Yeah, I got one, (actually, April got me one) and so did everyone else I know. Which means either less than 4000 people signed up, OR, me and all my Austin friends are just incredibly lucky. I suppose it could also mean that they awarded more than 4000. Either way, the countdown's begun and I'm happy as a shark in a kiddie pool. Thank you to April for entering on my behalf. If you end up getting a badge, consider sleeping with one eye open.


My friend Ricky is in Marrakesh right now chillin' like Dylan. He took a 3 month leave of absence to travel: the first month he's trekking Morocco, then he'll head to India where the remaining two will be spent volunteering. Something in him has shifted, he says. He's spent mornings watching the sun come up over the Sahara. He's met a ton of cool people in between hostels and excursions. In spending time amongst Moroccans, he's realized that happiness is independent of money. I'm caught halfway between inspired and jealous.

His IM today came at a curious time. This very morning (before I heard from him) I was thinking about how I always said I would live in a foreign country before 30. Kansas, foreign as it was to me, doesn't count, so I'm back to wondering when the heck I'm gonna make good on that.

This morning in teacher training Tara said something that I'd like to pass on: There is no such thing as BAD meditation. So true, so true. I hear people say that they are frustrated when they can't stop thinking or that they don't have enough time. To those concerns I say, first, you wouldn't be human if you didn't think. Sit anyway. Eventually the thinking gets quieter. Second, anything, and I do mean ANYTHING is better than nothing. For example, I woke up late this morning and didn't have a lot of time before training so I only meditated for 3 minutes. That's it - just 3. And yet I walked out my front door and balanced a Chevy Pickup on my right index finger, spun it around a little, too. All from those 3 measley minutes. Just kidding. But serious, it's really is good for you, and any amount of time "counts".

Speaking of counts and then counting, I told my roommate I'd get up at 6 and run with her tomorrow, which means the only counting I should be doing is some sheep.