"Ees my yob." / by vanessa

I'm back from Mexico and I really want to write about my trip b/c I have some good stories I tell ya, but I'm tired. The good news is, I had a fabulous time. (The NO FUN-cleanse went on hiatus.) The bad news is it ended with me being stuck in Dallas overnight since apparently Texas got some rain this week and DFW was shut down. Be careful what you wish for... as we were leaving Playa Del Carmen I said to Alo, Lance, and Havis that I just wanted one more day of vacation, and then next thing I know I'm spending the night at the DFW Westin. Not exactly what I meant, of course, but it's cool how God arranged three days of floods in Texas all so I could have some integration time in between vacation and work.

Okay so here are some pictures of the rockin' hotel we stayed at... Hotel Basico. I highly recommend it. Only 14 sustainable, modern rooms and the hospitality is amazing. Though, if you're going for a quiet vacation, it's prob not the best spot since the dj spins til about 1 every night and the music starts again at 9. And if it's not music, ask Alo about the string of neighbors who HAVEN'T YET HEARD that sleep is the new sex. (Gracias to April for posting these pictures.)

This is where it all begins...

Basico's lobby. Super cute concierges hung out here.

The yum restaurant.

The rooftop "pools" a.k.a. re-purposed oil tanks.

How bad ass are these rooms?

The birthday boy and some chick. I heard she's cool.

Mmmm.... xpu-ha.

I learned some Spanish while I was down there (copa = glass. Yay!) and I'm learning the hard way that American Mexicans (or, Hispanics living in the US) are so NOT impressed w/ my new language skills. My cheerful "hola" and sincere "gracias" have been met with a) English and b) an eye roll more than once today. Translation: nice whitey, reeealllll nice.


P.S. Readers, you know I am a huge proponent of blogging. I just think it's neat and good for you and all that stuff. However, it's not without its potential consequences. I bring to you another hazard: Below is a letter, verbatim, from MY MOM. (I should explain that she's going to aesthetician school.) Needless to say, I'm simultaneously both mortified and edified.

I read your blog today. When you take all of the hair off, it is a Brazilian. When you take hair off the sides or back, it is called:An extended bikini wax. Extended....bikini wax.Extended!