Eat your brain / by vanessa

Basically my neighbor's getting in trouble for being too loud. My neighbor is Spiderman. Okay, on Hollywood Blvd. (I know this b/c one day Dre had to zip him up.) How the f*ck Spidey can get busted for noise is beyond me. Spiders are like cats. They're stealthy as shit, like you don't even see 'em coming and then blam! they pounce!! Anyway, I've never heard him, but apparently the guy below him complained to the homeowner's association and now he has to go in front of the board to defend himself. So I wrote a complimentary letter saying how he and his girlfriend (her name's not Mary Jane) were super sweet and considerate and not at all loud. And with that, I have done my nice deed for the day! (Btw, Spidey, you know you've got a web and stuff, right?)

*Spiderman, with red fanny pack.*

You know what else? I'm about to go on a walk. I wanted to run, but I got kinda busy and I have to multi-task this walk. When I get home... something right brain.

P.S. I think there should be a FB quiz about which FB quiz are you? Seriously. The results of which would be sold to Best Buy!