Doing something about nothing / by vanessa

There is nothing worse than a creative void. You know, that place where even a three-line haiku seems monumental?  Save few exceptions, I've been dwelling (dwindling?) in that place of worse-than-nothingness for almost this entire year, which is like almost five months if you count them out. The worst part about creative voids is that they're motherscratchers to shake because you basically feel like doing nothing but eating really good nachos and reading Huff Post. So I decided to do something about it. Actually, I was inspired to do something about it by some good ole fashioned competition. I was telling someone I work with about my "3 for 30" campaign -- this thing I made up a couple of years ago in which I do three things a day for thirty days: one nice thing, one active thing, one creative thing -- when he unexpectedly bit. I wasn't trying to sell him anything but he decided he wanted to try it. And then I decided to do it again too, on account of refusing to be outdone by someone fresh out of college . Come to think of it, that happens all of the time.  Whatever.

Anyway, the last few days have been really fun. Here is a partial list of the things I've done on this endeavor:

* Crashed my bike (err, my bestie's bike) riding around the neighborhood.

* Happened upon a jazz concert at LACMA in which I pretended to work at registration so I could sit up close.

* Let someone cut in front of me in line.  Wait, no I didn't.

* Gave my friend one of my airline upgrades. This may also be why she got sick this weekend. Whoopsie.

* Practiced yoga in my hotel room after eating my weight in fried pickles for dinner. I did lots of twists until I got bored and drifted to hip openers. That always happens.

Already I see the fog lifting. I can't wait for what's in store for the rest of the month.