Does *anyone* like the SEC? / by vanessa

Sorry, it's been tougher to post here since I've been writing for Evolve - The Human Experience. In fact, here's my latest article. Part of me is disappointed that no one gets that my clever title is actually the name of the first Shins album. I'm writing about inversions and my title is Oh, Inverted World. Get it? Inversions? Inverted World? Okay so...

Here's this article on MSN about being fb friends with your boss. This begs the on-going bigger question of who exactly you should be friends w/. Here's what I don't understand: facebooking someone that you don't know w/out so much as an email to introduce yourself. Why? And then I especially don't get when you are ignored and you send another request! Again, why? Do you just invite so many random people that you forget who you've sent them to? It seems to me that if you've already been ignored once and you send again, because you *really* wanted to be friends w/ someone -- say, me -- that you would at least send an email explaining why it's important we're friends. Make me feel special. The thing is, I'm not even that picky. If I've met you and you request me, I can't be a dick and say no. It's just not in me.

But back to the question of "should you be friends w/ your boss." Yes. I mean, I feel like if you've got something to hide then something's wrong w/ you or wrong w/ your boss. On the other hand, if you put your life out there you have to be willing to have all of your work friends think that your entire life consists of drinking tequila even though you are PRACTICALLY A NUN. (Who happens to drink tequila.)

Okay, I gots nothing.