Did I already tell you this? / by vanessa

Here's the new Starlite Desperation song. A funny thing happened in Amoeba after I first moved here. Hav was desperate for Desperation. Their latest album is being sat on by a record company and they have this bad ass heavy arsenal ready to go blah blah blah. So, me living in LA, he was like 'hey go into Amoeba and see if they have the new SD album'. I'm like 'okay.' So, I walk in to Amoeba, which I've annointed as THE COOLEST RECORD STORE IN THE WORLD, and I look for the record, but no luck. I saddle up to the information booth and ask about it b/c they guys there do nothing but know everything about obscure bands. Anywhoo, and stop me if I've told this one before, it turns out that Dante, the lead singer, works at Amoeba and then I found out about a show and I got tickets and it was a good show and that was the beginning of my time here in LA.

I get asked a lot -- so how do you like LA? Pay no attention to the fact that it's midnight and I'm blogging. I love it here. I have no idea why and yes I miss Austin but I'm making the best of this and for that, it's turning out quite well.


Today I represented my company at a career fair at UCLA. Undergrads are so cute. Note to my Austin friends: I know I told you I was going to start trolling proms for a date, but trust me when I say, I don't mean 'cute' in *that* way.
By the end of the day I couldn't even get my name out much less tell people what we do. After repeating it for the 100th time I was nearly moved to just saying "yeah, we do that". I said *nearly*. Damn our industrious colleague Alex, who made the rounds at all the Big 4's booths and ended up recruiting the Accenture rep. Next time Alex, I'll cut you.


I think I'm going to hold a peanut butter cookie eating contest in my house. The grand prize is puking.