Day What-the-f-ever, Reading Cleanse / by vanessa

I basically cheated on my stupid reading cleanse tonight.  It's been four and a half hours, on and off, that I've been trying to get my left contact lens out and it won't budge and I'm freaked out that I might lose my eye so obviously I needed to get on the internet to find out if, in fact, I will die.  Turns out I won't, but I bet I look really, really ugly in the morning, with one eye shriveled up like a sad little raisin.  I hate these stupid things, I hate this stupid reading cleanse, and that's how I'm doing tonight.


Last night I went to a story slam.  It's like a poetry slam but with personal anecdotes instead.  Balls, man.  Balls.  There had to have been about 250 people in the audience.  Before the show, contestants (oh yes, it's judged -- with point scores) go up, put their names in a tote bag and then throughout the night names are drawn to get on stage.  Before going to the thing I had every intent of trying it some time.  And then I saw the size of the crowd.  Uhhh, no.  I'm super impressed by the people who do do it though.  Hats off.  (Actually, instead of tipping my hat, contestants, I'll just wink at you, permanently, since I doubt I'll ever be able to use my left eye again.)