Day Close-Enough, Reading Cleanse / by vanessa

Today is Day 7 of the reading moratorium imposed by The Artist's Way thing I've been doing with some friends.  Technically, I'd have to not read until 11 p.m. or so tonight to have satisfied the requirements, but I'm okay with quitting.  I get the point, you know?  When I do a food cleanse, which is waaayyyy easier, I am super strict about not cheating.  This reading thing?  Not so much.  Even with allowing myself to read work-related email, text, IM, etc. this was hard.  And in the spirit of openness, I feel like I should disclose my indiscretions:

  • Exercised a VERY liberal definition of "work," including:  any instant messaging over corporate IM software to anyone who at least works at the same mega-corporation as me; all writing-related emails, because obviously my burgeoning writing career is work; and checking my hotmail and gmail (w/out digging into the body of the email) just to make sure I wasn't missing anything that fell into the category of something I was allowed to read. 
  • Went the bookstore yesterday to make a present and read the heck out of some Rumi.  In my defense, I made a really cute Valentine as a result of that reading.
  • Accidentally read some texts.  (I'm serious that it was "accidental" -- I've kind of liked the break from that.)
  • I'm sure I've messed up some other ones so I'll just put a bullet point here as a placeholder.

Here are the things I've liked about not reading, (to the extent that I actually did it): 

  • I haven't missed facebook.  At  all.
  • My phone is no longer my best friend.  It wasn't as hard of a break up as I thought it would be.  Last night I went out and didn't even bring it.  That's pretty new for me.  I hope it's not one of those things where we get back together then I have to break up again, and it's this total cycle, and all of my friends are sick of hearing about my ping pong relationship, blah blah blah...

Anyway, as I said, I'm glad I tried it and I'm glad it's over.  Now back to my regularly scheduled life.