Damn you, The City / by vanessa

I would like to believe that my new-favorite-and-totally-vapid tv show, The City, is real. Like, not scripted. But, like I learned in a yoga workshop this weekend, if life keeps talking to you, eventually you have to listen.

Tonight, mindin' my own and watchin' a scene in which Whitney and Erin are hanging out at Whitney's new digs: Whitney is hanging clothes in her closet. I thought to myself, "Self, when I move into a place, do I hang clothes one at a time?" No. No I do not. So I started looking at the background scene - to the clothes in the closet. I noticed that in one scene, closet full. The next scene? Closet empty. Wtf, City? Not cool.

I do not like being lied to. What am I supposed to believe now? Does she even have a job at DVF? Does Olivia work, and if so, why? Are Whitney's legs even real? My world is crumbling.


As I mentioned earlier, I took this great workshop this weekend. Carlos Pomeda is a (reformed) monk who now teaches yoga philosophy. I'm going to save this for my article on Evolve The Human Experience, I think, but the gist is that he was taking about transformation. People were commenting that breakthroughs are hard and painful. From my own experience, I don't think that's the *only* way. I passed him in the hallway during a break. "Can you teach a workshop on evolving with joy?" I asked him. "Stay tuned," he said.

Later he went on to say that yes, good things can come from adversity. And, he confirmed what I suspected -- that while change can come from struggle, it doesn't have to. Essentially, he said that when we repeatedly don't listen to life's messages, the message will get louder until we have no choice. Enter pain.

This seems about right. I can reflect on difficult times where I came out the other side cliche-ingly stronger (e.g. break-ups). The signs were all there ahead of time, I just chose to hope the situation would get better. Anyway, this is a good argument for acting on intuition. (Of course this is easy to say when my life is pretty chill right now.)

Kinda cool.