cupcakes / by vanessa

My roommate, or, Queen of All Things Sugar, brought home cupcakes from Crumbs. She called me from the shop and asked me what kind I wanted: Red Velvet, Boston Creme Pie, Hostess Ding Dong-style, Twinkies-style, Peanut Butter Cup, or Banana Peanut Butter?

I couldn't keep up.

I picked Boston Creme Pie and Banana Peanut Butter because those are the two flavors I've contemplated making over the last few weeks. I thought about my cupcakes all throughout dinner, and politely declined dessert because I knew I was coming home to some genius.

Well, smart those things are: I'm totally in love with the Boston Creme Pie flavor, even if it is like eating a cane of sugar. It's the little custard filling that I want to miss the least. Instead, I'm thinking: must. go. back.