Code of Ethics That My Work Totally Made Up / by vanessa

I don't often complain about work -- at least not publicly.  But this is serious, folks. I have to take a Code of Ethics class. It's an online course. I am not opposed to taking it, save for two factors: First, it is designed for a totally different type of worker so that some of the "right" answers are completely antithetical to the way my job is structured.  I'm a One in the Enneagram world which means that I actually care about things like right ways and wrong ways and making points on principle.  In this case, it's not that I'm worried about being wrong, it's that I have no one to appeal to that the class is not really a test of one's ethics because ethics, by definition, aren't relative.

Second, I suppose more important than things like understanding what a word actually means, for example, is the fact that I actually can't take the test unless I borrow someone else's laptop.  (Ironically, I think this qualifies as unethical under the grounds of the test.)  I have a Mac, which okay, I begged for, and the test only works on IE in a native Windows environment. VM Ware doesn't cut it.  The rub is that I don't want to complain because I really love my Mac.

So it's for those reasons that I've made the following appeal on Facebook: