Coastal Living / by vanessa

I pretty much slept the entirety of Saturday until it was time to peel myself off the couch and go see Broken Social Scene. Shocking, but I was going to bail. And then I thought, umm, I can't blog that I slept all weekend, so I got up.

I met Scarlett and TJ at the gates, and instead of paying $20 to get in, they had the brilliant idea that we should watch the show from their balcony which overlooks Sunset. Seeing a show from someone's house is just cool. I could have been watching Linda Ronstadt and I'd have had a good time. Almost.

Afterwards we swapped fight stories over pho at Ginger Grass and practically fell asleep in our soup.


Tonight I met my ex-kinda-whatever-in-law-ish (can you tell it's complicated?), David, in Anaheim. I googled Thai food before I went which was great until we got there and found out it was closed on Sundays. So then we went to another Thai place. Closed. Since when do Thai people get Sundays off? We almost took a chance with a nearby Chinese place, but I didn't get a good feeling about it, so we ended up at a Peruvian joint. That serves PIZZA. Naturally, everyone knows that pizza is a native Peruvian dish.

We ordered Papas de la something - or, cold potatoes with nasty chilled cream sauce on them and ceviche. Admittedly, the ceviche was really good, AFTER we picked the 500 onions off. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that I feel like an attempt was made on my life. I despise onions.

This should be against the law: