Cleansing Chronicles, Day 2 Part 2 / by vanessa

So there's another Vanessa here. From LA. You don't understand -- this spa holds like maybe 20 people. It's not right. We've mixed up our mugs and pills. She got called for a spa appointment and I stood up. I might just leave tomorrow since this place ain't big enough for the two of us. I think she was on General Hospital a long time ago?? She looks kinda familiar. (Note: I just imdb'd her -- apparently she's on a show now called Las Vegas.)

Speaking of familiar, the Robin lady from Howard Stern is here too. Francis, the matriarch, was trying to guess her (Robin's) profession b/c apparently Francis is psychic. But then she was all, "You're a lawyer." No. "I've got it -- I'm seeing numbers -- you're an account manager. You're a manager!" No. "You're a teacher." No, not yet. "You're a singer." Geez lady, how many more guesses do you get? Robin was nicer than I am. Finally she told her. And then Francis got all giddy. I'm telling you, I'm kinda obsessed w/ Francis's accent, and just her whole being=ness. You should see her: she's probably like 60-something? Kinda tall, w/ long blonde hair, high cheekbones, and came out to the commons this morning w/ her hair all in rollers. Then, when she dressed, she marched into yoga 60 minutes into class carrying her gigantic LV bag and announced she was there to watch. The instructor didn't know what to do w/ her. Tonight her and her husband rolled in, and Francis had on the sickest fox vest. Who wears fox for chrissakes? She totally rocked it.

Among other characters I've met:

  • A mother and daughter team, the 16-ish daughter being a singer/songwriter. They are from Connecticut but moved to LA four years ago so the daughter could make it in Hollywood.
  • A dude who's a self-proclaimed "computer wizard, movie director, and is now dabbling in acting.
  • The two Scrabble girls from last night. They're from the OC and today I helped them burn their intentions. See what a good sport I am?

The mother / daughter team inspired me. They get no less than TEN hours of sleep on a normal night. Maybe that's why the mom's skin looks so good. Okay I'm going to bed. When I wake up I have meditation, then yoga, then I head home ... ready for the Desiree / Sienna workshop and solid food.