Catching Up / by vanessa

I need to take a little break from these diaries to interject some present day stuff.

1. Carrie Brownstein's blog for NPR makes me VERY happy. You see, Sleater-Kinney, before they inevitably called it quits, WAS one of my favorite bands to see live. Their shows were always electric and I often saw them as deft yoga teachers, skillfully working the crowd's energy like spiritual masters or something. Deep. So the fact that their lead guitarist is now writing regularly is exceedingly pleasing.

2. The cleaning lady at my work told me the other day that "[a] husband is coming!" Hmmm... go on? "He is coming," she said, "and he is good man." She told me this with such urgency and conviction that I was tempted to ask her if she could ask him to wait a little while - I'd like to shave or at least get a pedicure or something. This is what happens when you try to practice Spanish with strangers.

3. I have the coolest friends, I swear. On Friday night Harmony, me, her roommate, Jaimie, and her other friend Justine (a former Miss Panama -- crazy, huh?!) all had a winter solstice celebration which meant that we made a really good dinner of veggies and tofu and drank champagne and wrote intentions. Then yesterday, Kristin, Patrick, and I went to an excrutiating yoga class (I'll let Kristin tell you about it), then she and I went out to the Grove, which I'm convinced she will have withdrawals from should she finally move to France as she's been threatening. Today, Harmony came to my yoga class. I love love LOVE teaching to my friends, and then she said some really nice things about my class, which I loved even more.

4. Three other people from my first Level 2 are here in LA. How weird is that -- almost 10% of the class live here now, though none of us did 3 years ago when we all met. I feel so lucky that I have this community.