bye bye nyc. / by vanessa

Last night in NY. The weather has been amazing here and just in time, the blizzard is supposed to hit tomorrow as I depart for Austin. This has been a really great week - a successful work trip made more enjoyable by the team I'm on and the fact that I got to see my friends while here.

HUGE thank you to Bianca, btw, who made me my very own kombucha baby! Holy cow, now I'm actually going to have to follow through. I've tried it before with little (read: ZERO) success, so we'll see how this time fares. Have I mentioned I don't do well with commitment? But, I'm motivated: I did the math and if I make my own kombucha I'll save about $100 a month. That's $100 I could be spending on a facial. Or just saving. I like the facial idea better.

Yesterday we walked around on the SNL set; I saw Tiki Barber in the news room; watched nightly news being produced... fun stuff. I also learned a ton about the News-production process this week. Sometimes I'm giddy about how cool my job can be.

Oh, and last night we had a big group dinner in the East Village then walked over to the West Village for Belgian beer (yum). Two blocks from where we were, there were four people shot. I don't know what to say other than to just report it. I feel numb to it and I guess sorta sad that I don't feel more.


Can I just say that no matter how much I prepare for change, sometimes it's just bittersweet? And like, it can just keep on giving.


Yea!! I get to go to Austin in the morning!