brb kiddo / by vanessa

At the last company I worked for, on and off for maybe a year or so I used to get these creepy anonymous emails that drove me crazy. I'm pretty sure I remember them being kinda mean and mostly just odd.

I went to the website that they were sent from and I tried to figure out a way to trace them. I went to our super smart IT Director and asked him to figure it out. He couldn't / didn't want to / had better things to do / whatever. And then they stopped. I never found out who it was and I used to imagine that the person who sent them could watch me reading the messages and getting all freaked out and like, delighted in that. Then I'd get pissed but of course, there was nothing I could do.

And, because I've been called on this TWICE in the last week, here's proof that I'm using a word that is in somebody's dictionary. Sure, it's not OED, but it is online which means it must be true. Behold, the definition of comfortability.

I went to my first Lakers game tonight. I'd like to *like* that sentence.