Bodies exhibit / by vanessa


On my way home from yoga tonight, two significant things happened.  I can't tell you exactly what makes them significant, whatever. First, I used a homeless man as a breadcrumb. I am not proud of this. But it was a new studio and on the way there I wasn't sure if I was heading the right direction and I noticed him looking dead lying over a grate around 5th and University Place and I remember thinking Ugh, he looks dead.

I am not really callous. I fake like I am (shhh) when I am in New York City, and only as an act of basic survival: I heard that weak people are sentenced to Midtown in perpetuity.

Unfortunately/fortunately, dead looking homeless men turn out to be useful landmarks on account of no one wanting to touch them. :(  On my way home from class he hadn't moved, and that is how I knew I was headed back in the same direction I came.  Oh joy!

Second, a couple of blocks later I spotted THIS little gem in the trash. If I were not afraid of rat diseases and looking weird and also if I weren't trying to be more of a minimalist, I would have taken it home with me.  I know, totally frivolous, but I pictured having a cocktail party and sitting him at the dinner table just to the left of the chips and queso.