Blame It On The Alcohol / by vanessa

On Sunday night a bunch of Seattle friends and I went to see Ferris Bueller's Day Off at the cemetery. The movies at Cinespia are commonly opened by an actor or some other person related to the film. In our case, actress Edie McClurg (aka Grace the secretary) gave the introduction. And by introduction I mean monologue. Looonnnnggg monologue. As in, 45 minutes later we were still waiting to see the film. As in, the event organizer tried (unsuccessfully) to coax her off stage. As in, she was on round two of repeating anecdotes that had zero to do w/ the movie. As in, she had to ask the audience TWICE to remind her of what she was talking about. (And they did.) She got booed. It was awkward.

Moral of the story? Alcohol is only your friend in small doses. Catholics.