Birthday reflection / by vanessa

So my birthday turned out fabulously. After indulging in a little self-pity for the better part of the day (Havis was out of town, I barely was able to squeeze in a lunch by myself to Whole Foods before getting back for a meeting, the week had been and promised to continue to be really busy w/ work stuff, waah waah waah...) my perspective changed upon returning from lunch and finding an email from Joslyn asking me to assist at Baron's PRW in Dallas the first week of February! It turns out that my earlier request -- to assist at the 5 day in March at the Crossings - required and is dependent upon previous assisting experience before the decision can be made. I am super excited -- I had planned on taking the PRW anyway, and now I have the honor of assisting!

I thought I had peaked at the email but it got better! Scott had said earlier that he would come to my class for my birthday. April, John, and my new manager Lisa, who was in town for the week from DC, also said they would come. So I was shocked, shocked! to see Lance signing in at the counter when I rolled up! As I turned around, Brenna, Heidi, and Lori were also there. Then Sonya came and it was just too much! The class was huge for a vinyasa class at Bodhi - about 26 or 27 people. It was beyond fun to teach to my friends. I felt so blessed. For dinner afterwards we all hit Miltos on the Drag where Inga, Francois, Rob, Steve, Terry (who'd wanted to come to class but was stuck in traffic), and Eric (my CIO also in town from DC for the week) joined us. Save for adding more friends who were out of town, I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday.

Yesterday Paula and I talked about the challenges we're facing w/ finishing the certification requirements -- that it's almost like a block to just finish it! We now have only 3 months left, and for me, w/ re-taping a certainty, that's not long. I am beginning to think that the cert process is much like one of the workshops or the 40 days -- that there will be good days and bad days, and the trick is just showing up. The thing is, (big revelation ensuing) life seems to have its peaks and valleys and during the valleys inspiration is the Loch Ness monster. And now teaching is good, meditation is back on track, and lo! wonders abound. On that note, I hear my mat calling.