bernie bernbaum / by vanessa

oh I've been surly today. that plan to be positive fell by the wayside around 2 p.m or earlier. the bright spot in my day was yoga w/ ally. i took philip to his first yoga class ever. i'm not sure he'll be back. if not, i want his yoga mat. his brother took one class, hated it, and gave him the jade yoga mat he brought. it's sweet. which reminds me, it's time for a new mat. incidentally, in shoulder stand, ally always has you write w/ your left foot that which you want to drop in your life. i wrote people pleasing and anger b/c i have two left feet. ba dum bum. then w/ your other foot you write what you want to invite. i said forgiveness and a tiffany diamond cross necklace b/c i could always use more of both.

then i came home, walked in on dre watching ray, so figured i'd watch the rest. good flick. then picked a fight w/ her over exactly what i said i wasn't going to bitch about.

am going back to yoga in the morning. where has my practice gone?