bella / by vanessa

I. AM. MORTIFIED. I inadvertently sent some stuff off tonight that I soooo wish I could take back. Damn auto-pilot!


In other news, I saw this psychic from NYC. I'm typically skeptical of psychics and stuff simply b/c I can do that kinda thing for myself. Plus I don't really care about the future. I mean I care, but I don't need to know about it in advance. But this one sorta fell into my lap so I went to this amazing house in Laurel Canyon that was all Buddha'd out and got a reading. Apparently this blogging gig is gonna pay off someday. Well, he didn't say that *specifically* but I'm pretty sure he was heading that direction. Anyway, here's an actual sample from our conversation:

Him: There's a really intense relationship coming up for you with a Leo.
Me: Really? My roommate's a Leo.
Him: This is... romantic.
Me: (Confused.) Oh. She's a girl. I don't do that.
Him: (Eye roll.) I don't think it's your roommate.

Phew. So I'm just keepin my eyes peeled for someone whose name starts w/ a J but not James or John -- something kinda uncommon -- with some notoriety. What if it was the Mexican version of Homer Simpson a.k.a. Jomer Simpson? That'd be sweet. Problem is, I don't rock the beehive.