Be cool and vote for my mom's recipe (and other stuff) / by vanessa

So my mom entered another cooking contest and once again, she's a finalist! Here's her recipe. It'd be cool if you could vote for her. Note: Pillsbury makes you create an account in order to vote. It's a minor inconvenience but some lucky sap will win $1M for it.

Click here to vote for my mom's Peanuttiest Peanut Butter Brownie Bars

(To my sxsw posse: Maybe we should make these for sxsw.)


I entered a Biggest Loser contest at work. I love a good challenge even if I lose (no pun intended, hardy har har). Here are the specifics:

  • The goal is to lose at least 8.1559% of your body weight by the 2/29 due date. (For me, this is expressed as 10 lbs.)
  • The first person to hit their goal gets 5 points. 1 point = $5, so that's $25.
  • If you hit your goal on 2/29, you get 20 points ($100).
  • For every percentage point you lose over the 8.1559%, you get 2 points ($10 per %).
  • If you don't make the goal by the date, not only do you not get 20 points, but you are in the hole 2 points per percentage point. (See above math.)
  • The best part is that you have to keep it off for 1 month. So, if you keep it off by 3/28, then you get another 20 points.

Clever, huh? So tonight I dragged myself to the gym. Suckaaaa.