baby om frijoles / by vanessa

My friend April, is pregnant. About a week ago she started asking me about pre-natal yoga. Naturally, I recommended my friend Malia, but the schedule at Yoga Yoga fit better, so she tried that instead. Fine, I told her, you'll probably be bored.

Last night I called her: how'd it go?! I was dying to mock know. She described it in detail. Apparently each woman has to give her name and how far along she is. They also ask a room full of pregnant women HOW THEY'RE FEELING. (That's a teacher's way of passing the time.) So now I'm totally obsessed with crashing a pre-natal class. I've been working on my intro.

"Hi, my name's Vanessa. Well, I'm not exactly *pregnant*, per se, but my mom was pregnant with me once, so I kinda feel like I get it, you know?"

Take 2.

"Hi, my name's Vanessa. Can I have my tea now, or do I have to wait til the end?"

Take 3.

"Hi, my name's Vanessa. (I just came to feel skinny.)"

Anyway, in the end, a couple things happened: 1. April found out that Malia is teaching a class on Saturdays at Breath and Body, so she'll go to that. 2. I got a blog out of it.