Awesome like a kitten / by vanessa

Back in the day when I was doing a lot of travelling for yoga stuff, I assisted my teacher along with this other guy, Philip Urso.  Philip is like a monk in ex-CEO's clothing.  Philip is rad.  Well, so here was his latest status update and I liked it for its application in yoga, life, etc.:  So I realized that if I'm teaching yoga and I'm afraid of being weird, if I'm afraid that I don't know enough, If I'm afraid of what you will think of me, then what I'm really teaching is fear! 

Tonight as I was walking to my car in the parking garage there was a hearse parked next to me.  In the window there was a sign that read, "We put the FUN in funeral."  Uhh, it's about time.  

And just as I'm typing this I'm watching the 10p.m. news.  A 70-yr-old woman who was the hotel manager at some place called Hotel Chetwood was murdered today - an apparent robery or something like that.  So they're interviewing guests of the hotel (incidentally, "hotel" is a stretch), and this kooky guy is laughing going,  "I really need to go get my suit right now but hahaha, I can't get in there."


My friend Joslyn wrote a good article about new year's resolutions.  I am a fan.