around the way girl / by vanessa

Day 1 of training is behind us. I'm sooo proud of our whole team. The amount of work we've accomplished is kinda bad ass. I have to remind myself of that when I get lost in what I want to do with the application, and also when we're at each others' necks.

So we do this thing at the end of the training sessions where we ask for anonymous feedback via a survey. The whole process was really humbling. I led both of the sessions today and the feedback was mostly good, but some of it was hard to swallow. I drove home from work just really trying to stay open and not get defensive. It's kinda like teaching yoga -- if you are going to accept the compliments then you have to be willing to accept the complaints. In my first teacher training BB used to always remind us to "have a short memory" so that either way you're taking in the information but not letting it affect you. Now's probably a good time for that.

Then I thought about my guitar lesson on Monday. My teacher switched up the session and had me practicing with someone else for the first time. I was annoyed that he didn't warn me first -- I felt like had I known I would have been able to prepare. I started freaking out (a little bit) when we were playing about not messing up. Really I was just reacting to change and I kinda wish now that I would have been cooler about the whole thing.

Okay, that's it. Workie.