apple / by vanessa

If you live in LA and you need a massage (in fact, I wouldn't wait until you think you need one) you should go see my friend, Harmony. She's got some healing hands. She gave me a massage right before I went to Austin last week. I can't wait to go back.


I just got back from Austin. I didn't do much except go to yoga, sleep, and drink coffee. Hung out with a few friends, certainly not all that I wish I'd had. I made sure this time around to get my Nueva Onda (potato, egg, and cheese) but missed Amy's sweet cream (stupid rules). I miss living in a smaller town and I miss how easy life feels when I'm there. I miss my friends. And yet, I felt happy to be back in LA, happy to get back to work, teaching, and I'm excited to see my friends here, start my improv class, take next weekend's workshop and the week after that's teacher training, and be back in my routine. It feels right for me to be here now, despite missing Austin. Though it'd prob feel a lot MORE right if I could have both simultaneously. What're quantum physics good for anyway?