and now... / by vanessa

two quick things: 1) hannah and mark are here. so much fun. we talk about yoga a lot. just like austin days. we've been playing around w/ poses which is like one of my favorite things to do.

2) I had a good yoga weekend. i took a class from saul david raye on saturday. let me preface the description of the class w/ this little story: i was driving (frantically) to get to yoga on time. (the irony of getting totally stressed out to get to yoga is not lost on me.) so i'm driving, and i see the back of some guy walking down the street eating ice cream or frozen yogurt. in an instance i thought, "that man looks really happy." it was something about the way he was walking, but of course, so much more, in the split second that i noticed him. and that was saul david raye. the class was deliciously deliberate. a slow flow like eating an ice cream cone on a really hot day, and trying to savor it until the quick. i learned some cool variations on postures.

then today went to bryan kest where my ass was totally kicked. i was sweating like the good ole days. it was great.

between having hannah here, and just going to yoga, what's cool is that i've been having lots of new discoveries in my practice. i've not had so many in such a short period of time since i first began five and a half years ago. super cool.