And I used to be nobody / by vanessa

Blah blah blah and I like iGoogle. A lot. One of my widgets is How To of the Day. Some people better themselves with a daily foreign word (mazzata!); I like to learn How to Have a Rebound Relationship. That's right.

Truthfully, I'm a little bit disappointed. With a title like that, I thought it'd be useful or at best entertaining. I expected to read about how to fake like you're into someone or how to pretend like it's been *years* since you've dated. It's a really good thing that I'm not in the rebound market because if I were, I'd be in for these wholly impractical tips:

Tell your new partner that your old relationship is OVER. And mean it.
OR... Be respectful and discreet when talking about your ex.

Perhaps its only saving grace is its coining of the word "reboundee." It's like a term you could put on a resume.