Advice anyone? / by vanessa

My friend April and I being the expert opinion doyennes (EOD) of our generation, decided to start a new blog called Dear Brutal Truth in which we dole out honest advice to honest questions (we have a nose for fakeys). We haven't yet received the call from CNN to take it live, but given early feedback, it's only a matter of time.
In order to get it started we both sent out a plea, err... request for advice questions to our friends and asked them to forward it to their friends. The first day we got five suckers, err... earnest seekers! So, April and I put together our individual responses and posted. I've answered according to my intuition at the time of reading, w/out overthinking. And since the title of our project is Dear Brutal Truth, we've been pulling no punches.
The questions have all been posted anonymously, so I about fell out of my chair when a friend I absolutely adore sent me a personal email after I answered one to reveal her identity. I worried that I was too harsh. What's sort of liberating though is what comes out when there aren't the filters of worrying about hurting someone's feelings or the potential blinders of having a history with someone.
Anyways, we're having a lot of fun w/ this, and would like to continue to have fun at someone else's expense, so if you have a burning question, drop us a line. I can't say I'll be nice but I will be honest. :-)

P.S. Winter SUCKS. There, I said it.