96, 95, 94 / by vanessa

Blog 96: About 18 months ago I interviewed with a company in Austin for a software implementation business analyst role. The clients were international. During the interview process they said the project I would be on would require travel to Tokyo and Amsterdam. At the time I was ambivalent about the job but I really wanted to go to Tokyo! I didn’t receive an offer, my ego was bruised, but eighteen months later I am on my way to Japan.
This got me thinking about the science of intentions. We ALWAYS get what we want, yet the intention isn’t always actualized in the way we expected. I believe that internal resistance i.e. worry, fear, or trying-to-figure-out-the-how, runs counter to goals. And now I’m wondering if what is commonly perceived as “failure” – for example – not getting the job – is necessary in order to get the resistance out of the way to make room for creation. When I didn’t get the job, thought I wouldn’t be traveling, I quickly forgot about what I had wanted and went about my life. Then, long after my expectations had dropped, here I am, about to board.
What are 18 months to a universe whose existence spans billions of years?

95: I’m here in Tokyo and having some trouble getting online so I’m writing to this Word doc and will post at my earliest convenience. First, I HEART TOKYO. The Japanese rock. All who I’ve come in contact with are impeccably warm and courteous. While many do not speak English, and my Japanese is limited to moshi moshi (sp?) and sushi (baa haa haa), somehow we are able to communicate. It’s a beautiful island, green and well kept. Disney has completely hooked us up so that the room I’m staying in has a fantastic view of the bay and Tokyo’s skyline.
I’ve already stuffed my suitcase with the cute little spoons they have at Starbucks (mmhmm, right when you walk into the hotel) and the liquid sugar and honey (or at least that’s what I assume they are – the labels are not subtitled. I told Renee I’d bring her something from here and since dinner is roughly the same price I spend in rent each month, I’m going light on the gift giving.

94: Tokyo is the new black. I am two days in and I’m already wishing we could stay longer. Some quick observations b/c I have to get to bed after a 13 hr workday (whine).
1. The city is really clean, which I think is a huge accomplishment for a city of its size.
2. They do “homeless” right. Okay okay I know this is not something to joke about, but for real. Very few homeless and the ones that I did see in Tokyo Station were better groomed than me. One man had is shoes/socks off and I couldn’t believe how clean the bottom of his feet were. Btw, Tokyo Station is, I think, the equivalent of Grand Central Station except it's clean. Which brings me to point number 3.
3. The streets are clean (no gum on the sidewalks), I’ve yet to see graffiti, and it doesn’t smell like piss either.
4. Nodding is, apparently, like saying “what’s up” but in a totally sweet way.
5. It appears I am fascinated w/ cleanliness.

Well those are the observations for now. One thing I am trying to figure out is the standard of beauty here. In America you can look at the ads and quickly tell what is considered beautiful. So I’m looking at the magazine covers and adverts here but I’m not seeing a pattern yet.
Okay super sleepy.