71 / by vanessa

While driving to work this morning on the 101, I stopped to grab my ID badge out of my purse. While pulling out my badge, I saw the toasted coconut that Minnu had given me so I thought, "yum I'll eat some of that!" But on my way to pull out the ziplocked coconut, I saw a fortune that I received last week. It read "Good fortune awaits you shortly." And then BOOM! I hit the car in front of me. We were both okay; she was driving a rental car so it's unclear if the scratch on the bumper was there from before. It could have been worse.

Shaking, I continued driving, avoiding the temptation to do anything other than keep my eyes on the road. I pulled in to work and started the 5 minute walk to my building. I twisted my ankle. Damn these heels.

I set up my computer, went to get my tea with milk, and spilt milk on my Prada shirt. I mention the brand only because a) I'm pretensious and b) I don't like to get this shirt dry cleaned b/c dry-cleaning breaks down the fibers in clothing and this is one of my favorite shirts. Rats.

Renee told me to reverse my day and that's what I'm doing right now. So I have to sign off b/c apparently today is not the day for me to multi-task.