/ by vanessa

Wow. I have SO many updates, it's really overwhelming. For you, I mean.

1. I ran in the Malibu Triathlon this year. Last year, if you'll recall, I was dumb enough to sign up for the swim and then not train. This year, I thought - hey, I'm a runner, kind of, so I should do the run. And then I didn't train. In the end, save for my sore arches, I was fine. I just checked the results and I averaged an 8.5 minute mile. BUT they listed me as 37. Umm Malibu Triathlon, please don't age me, bitches.

J. Lo was there. I didn't see her though everyone I was w/ did. To be clear, I saw her entourage and the swarm of paparazzi several times, but I couldn't see her amidst the flashbulbs and crowd. Matthew McConaughey, on the other hand, I saw A LOT. And by a lot, I mean, we practically stalked him.

2. See these red boots? I really want them. But they're $428 which is just dumb. So I've spent the last hour google-ing "red suede boot" trying to find an alternative. Instead I've found plenty of options if I ever want to try my hand at the pole-dancing classes again.

3. I saw "Burn After Reading" this weekend. It's a Universal title, which I'm partial to, so it bums me out to sum it up as "Burn After Seeing." Sigh. That's a little dramatic, but maybe I've come to anticipate more from the Coen brothers.