6 / by vanessa

Tonight we are going to see SOUNDTeam. Yea! It's an early show b/c I think they're opening which is even better. You see, I'm borderline geriatric. Except that I don't like to wake up early or take Metamucil.

I have two different friends, both known for their wit and wisdom, and consequently people often come to them for advice. So the question came up -- what do you do when people repeatedly ask you for advice and yet they never follow it? Meanwhile you're watching them hit their head against the same wall again and again? Do you keep offering it? I don't know exactly, but it does seem that at some point the frequent askers shouldn't be given your perspective. It's likely that they already know the answer because they've heard it like 650 times before and the reason why they keep asking is because they don't really want to *do* anything about it. There's this quote from Henry Ford which says something like: You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do. I like it for its intention, and also for what is implied -- that you actually can build a reputation for what you continually *say* you're going to do but don't.
Not indulging your friend one more time with the obvious may speak louder than the answer because it is in a way, holding them accountable for their actions, or inaction as it were. Just a thought.