42 / by vanessa

Why did I get up at 8 on a Saturday? I've been craving sleep forever now and I finally have the chance to sleep in (no gardeners outside or trucks backing up *repeatedly*) and here I am, awake. I heard a story once about some exhibit at a fair where they took thousands of fleas and put them in big bowls with lids. The fleas would jump up and of course hit the lid. So after a while they took the lid off and the fleas would still only jump up as far as the lid was there. Except occasionally there was one that would figure out that there wasn't a limit anymore and jump out.

I guess that story is supposed to be about potential and probably not so much about sleeping in, but I'm trying to say that I feel like one of the fleas who jump as high as the lid and all I wants is my sleeeeeeeepppp!

Ruth flies in today and then out to palm springs. yea! (Incidentally, growing up, I was taught that yea is pronounced yay, but since it seems like people mistake yea for yeah, I suppose I'll have to just start using yay.)