41 / by vanessa

I'm having trouble posting the picture of the swifties as I'd promised. In its place I've thrown in a picture of April and Lance stretching before the 1.5 mile hike we took.
Took Kristin's class today which I sorely needed and really loved. Then we went to Jack n Jills because I sorely needed and really love their English Breakfast Tea Latte w/ soy. Mmmm. It's been close to 5 billion years since we've hung out and it was sooo good to chill w/ her. She reminded me of something really cool and I thought I'd share since lots of people have like, problems and shit: It's hard to believe that we deserve more love than our parents gave us. I hope I got that right. It's a good thing to consider since a lot of people think that they only deserve that which they know.

Yesterday Ruth came in, which was also super cool and kinda weird to have someone who's so Austin to me, here in my new hometown. The desert is pure magic. Even though we got to Palm Springs at night, the desert still held the unmistakable feeling of expansion and mystery. It's kinda funny b/c Ruth is going to a meditation workshop which is being held at the same hotel as this Harley Davidson convention or gathering or something ridiculously loud.

Oh and sucks it b/c I lost my eyeglasses when they dropped out of my car at her hotel. This is probably just the kick I need to get lasik since I refuse to wear contacts.