40 / by vanessa

I heard that it takes 21 days to break a harmful habit and 40 days to create a new way of being. And while I don't really have any habits that I'm trying to break -- unless you count eating chocolate in place of dinner, or rice krispy treats in place of lunch, or then there are those ridiculous weeklies like People and Us (for shame, for shame), or the Tivo'd Young and the Restless (dear God, what have I come to?) -- but other than that? Clean as a whistle. So, ahem, it's with great excitement that I begin my 6th or so 40 Days program. I am working on teaching another 40 Days workshop and so I like to have it fresh in my bones.

Every time I practice one I get more from it than the one before it. The excavation questions ALWAYS elicit surprising results and I pretty much ALWAYS dread the motherscratchin' fruit cleanse. This week I'm supposed to "watch" what I eat. Dutifully, I watched the chocolate caramel as I popped it in my mouth (it was gooood) and then I felt bad b/c I'd like to actually eat something more substantive than sugar for dinner so I ate some curry rice that I made which was pretty delish but not quite like chocolate.

So this woman I see for like a-mazing massage suggested I take pole dancing classes. I'm being serious, though I am leaving out some context, but whatev. Anyway, so I was out on the S-Factor site the other day and going through all the bios of the teachers. What's cool is that none of them look like strippers. Wait, is that cool?! If I'm going to learn how to hook up w/ a pole shouldn't I learn from someone who knows first hand? But then again, Catholic priests counsel marriages, so maybe prior experience isn't required. (Btw, nothing against poles, but I think I'll stick to hip hop. And by stick to I mean I have to beg -- BEG -- Renee to go too because I need someone else to stand out like a sore thumb. Takers?)