4 Countries, 3 Continents, 2 Weeks: San Francisco / by vanessa

I'm sitting in a lounge at SFO, waiting to take off on our 4-countries-3-continents-2-weeks work trip. We started our trip in San Francisco today, (which technically makes it 4 continents if you count the US, which I don't), talking with teammembers from the local office. We were charming, probably. It was deceivingly beautiful in SF today: no breeze, clear skies... the kind of day where I forget that this city gives me panic attacks. They have compost bins in the office, people. I feel like an asshole going to Starbucks, forgetting to bring my sustainable bag to Walgreens, or like, smiling unnecessarily. I'm getting anxious just remembering that I accidentally put my napkins in the trash instead of the recycling. (Shit - compost?) (See?!?!) I prayed I wouldn't be caught. Fortunately, our host was exceedingly gracious. She also plied us with delicious cookies from Specialty's, which is enough to warm the most hardened heart.

After work, we went to Ame for dinner, where I had an amazing beet salad.

I just thought you should know.

So as I mentioned, we're here in the JAL club - like their version of an Admirals Club. This place is like a library, except that people apparently think it's okay to place their complimentary sandwiches on the tabletop. Aussies.