39 / by vanessa

For those of you out there who do not have a regular blogging practice, why the scratch not?! You have absolutely no desire to? Okay, that's fair. But what about the rest of you sorry folk? It costs too much money? Umm what about Blogger, Myspace, and Wordpress? Suckers are WAY too nice. They're free. So get off yer ass and type. Lazy? Hmmm, I get that. Scared? Scared of what? If I worried about grammar, wit, eloquence, or even having *something* to say, I'd never get out of bed in the morning. You just put one finger in front of the other and before you know it you have a jumbled mess masterpiece.

It matters not if no one ever reads it or if suddenly you're being asked for autographs in Whole Foods (I'm still waiting). You write because it clears the cobwebs. You write because it's therapy in a box. You write because you're scared and everyone out there is just as scared as you are, but the more we all take chances in life, the more we help ourselves. And the more we help ourselves, we help others, and then pretty soon there's no more war in Iraq, North Korea has chilled out, the polar bears stop drowning, and Tiffany's sells me their diamond cross pendant for like $200. The world will just be a better place.

On your mark. Get set. Blog.

P.S. We got our Dear Brutal Truth stickers today! They're SO cute. Coming soon to a public bathroom near you! Slight problem in that NO ONE WRITES US but when has a dry spell stopped us before?