36 / by vanessa

Today was my unofficial last day of my Disney project. I say unofficial b/c we still may have to present the final presentation. Disney rocks for a number of reasons:
1. I saw celebrities on lot. I know, I don't care about them either, but whatever, you'd tell your friends too if you saw Orlando Bloom.
2. Candy. I know I'm supposed to have given it up but how could I when they have the Shame Drawers? It's crazy -- the floor I was on had this area where there are like three or four cabinet drawers full of cookies, chips (The Chippie would be in h-e-a-v-e-n), and candy candy candy. It's a sugar addict's (hint: me) dream.
3. Hello? I got to go to Tokyo.
4. Avuncular. What?! Exactly. When have you ever heard someone at work (you don't count, Professor) use the word "avuncular"? Graham didn't know this when he was correcting our grammar and busting out words that left me scurrying to OED.com, but I secretly liked it. What can I say? You can take the girl out of the English major (and in fact you can completely remove her ability to proofread her own material) but you can't... And with that I'd like to argue that it is PERFECTLY acceptable in the US to use a singular verb (e.g. is) with the word metadata. When we had to say "metadata are" we sounded like Debate Team Dorks because NO ONE speaks like that here.
5. The team: When our consulting firm first interviewed for this project a few of us left thinking: we blew that one! The Disney project team during the interview sat completely stonefaced. I cracked a joke about affecting a Texas accent, which was met with something along the lines of "that's not funny." Ahem. Sorry. I'll... just... show... myself... out... BUT we ended up getting the project and three months later we're at the end of this ride so I'd like to take the opportunity to say that I'll miss Michael and Graham's wit and that I swear -- Charlotte was *this close* to warming up to me.