33 / by vanessa

A funny thing happened on the way to yoga. And since this is my blog you get to hear my (totally unbiased) side of the story. So I'm pulling out of Amherst, about to take a right turn on to Santa Monica. There's a Honda CRV to my right who also appears as if they were *thinking* about making a right hand turn, but the driver is on the phone and I watch her sit there as Santa Monica is totally clear. So I inch up b/c it occurs to me that she may just be pulled over and not actually ready to make a turn. At the next opportunity, I turn right. That apparently infuriated Ms. Cellphone-talkin', Honda CRV lady. I know this because she tailed me, then pulled up beside me WHILE WE'RE DRIVING, and motions for me to roll down my window. She's still on her cell phone, btw. So I roll it down thinking do I have a flat tire or something? and she starts screaming at me: What gives you the right to make a right turn in front of me??!! I was stunned. All I could get out is: Are you serious? Drive. She continued screaming and as I rolled up my window I heard all sorts of nasty names that I really shouldn't repeat in case I have some minors in my audience. It appeared as if she followed me for about two miles, though really she could have just been heading the same direction, but I didn't want to take any chances so I ditched her at a fortuitous red light.
This is *on the way* to yoga. And you know how it is... why didn't all the things I wanted to say like I turned because you were on your phone and it didn't look like you were going to turn. Ever. come to mind? Or why didn't I sign language back to her that I couldn't hear her, but okay, that's not likely since a) I don't know sign language and b) that would have required me to take my hands off the wheel and EVERYBODY knows that I'm a safe driver.
Instead there was nothing to do. At first I felt smug because she totally flipped out and her day was ruined over a little incident. But then, as reflection set in, I felt unsettled -- why didn't I think to apologize for mistaking her hesitation or at least try and explain? (Although okay, it is a little weird to be driving and trying to talk to another car out your window.) And, plus I'm soooo yogi - this kinda thing isn't supposed to "happen" to me -- it seems more fitting for like some Type A executive or something. Right?! ;-) Someone who's got places to go, people to see. Not me on my way to a yoga class for godsakes. *exhale*. (Who's type A?)
In the end, here's what I really want to say: Lady, I'm sorry I cut you off. Don't let it ruin your day. We all make mistakes and no one (especiallly some stranger) should have that kind of control over you.