30 / by vanessa

This totally blows. I had a blog all written and then my session dropped w/ Blogger somehow and now the BRILLIANT (I tell you!) blog is gone. Easily one of my best. Actually it was pretty lame so it's not a bad thing. I was writing about age and how seemingly everyone I know, including me, has opinions about what is appropriate at what age and where all that comes from. It's just as well - I didn't have answers anyway; only questions.


My friend asked me about a week ago, how do you know when you're making a mistake? I gave it my best shot but honestly, as soon as you figure it out, tell me. Please. I think I told him that your gut will tell you, but sometimes you're gut is just like eh. And so really I think it's not so much about figuring out how to avoid mistakes as it is being willing to make them.