250 million / by vanessa

I won I won I won!!! Tonight we had our consultant training and I won prizes in both of our quizzes. Yep I'm the proud owner of some Lifesaver candy canes (tropical flavuhs, chump) and a new Starbucks thermos. See the last time we had consultant training and they were giving away prizes I got punked. Or I didn't pay attention. I can't remember which. So this week? It's all about a comeback. Competition was fierce -- Christophe's a walking encyclopedia and the rest of 'em are no schleps. But I was prepared. I was taking notes as if the Lifecycle of a Filmed Asset was the Sermon on the Mount. Superman Returns production costs? Puhlease. What else ya got? I accepted my prizes by climbing up on the desks in UCLA's Anderson School and triumphantly pumping my fists in the air. That last part didn't win me any friends.

All this talk of winning reminds me that the other day I was reading an article talking about the upcoming yoga competition in February. I think it's put on by Bikram because there are 5 mandatory postures that are from the Bikram series and then two elective (though they're picked from a controlled list). At the end Rajashree (sp? and too tired to google it) was justifying the competition. "Personal growth is all about competing with yourself" she argued. Mmhmm. Here's the thing -- I'm down with asana games. That's cool if you want to put on a contest to see who can do the best standing bow. But for real -- just call it that -- asana games, and don't try to make it something it's just not. Okay? Okay.