/ by vanessa

Today was the first day of my graphics design class. O m gosh I love being in school and especially art class. Leading up to this I've vascillated b/w excitement and dread (which was really just fear) and now that it's here I'm so thankful I didn't cancel. It's a beginners' class, and that gave me freedom to be just that. I didn't apologize for not knowing Macs (and now I really want one), or understanding a case study (it takes a while sometimes for me to process things), or understanding our first exercise (ibid). Perhaps the coolest part was that as I rode home on the subway, I started to see art everywhere I looked. I am looking forward to Austin, for sure, and I'm also bummed I'm going to miss next week's class.

I'm leaving for Austin in the morning. The workshop I'm giving on Sunday is heavy on my mind. I've done my outline, I know the postures and principles, I am prepared, and yet I still have flashes of anxiety which have nothing to do w/ knowledge or preparation. This is why I love teaching.