2000 and when? / by vanessa

My friend Bryan called me at work today. As one of the few Republican friends I have, I suppose he called to gloat. I hesitantly answered the phone, "yes?"
"Well, how do you feel?" he asked me. "Severely disappointed in humanity" I answered. Though that was the only thing I cared to confess. I didn't go into my bewilderment, sadness, anger, and well, shock with the previous night's results. It can't be??? I don't understand how the current, and unfortunately future, administration could have done worse over the last four years, and somehow they still get elected??? Nearly 24 hours later, I still find it so hard to believe that someone seemingly devoid of any discernible moral character can cavalierly invoke "Christianity" and not only is it not challenged, but it's lauded!
And there's more! To add salt to an already gaping wound, 11 states pass anti-gay marriage laws. Whoa. How did we regress so rapidly? Is there no shame in hypocrisy? How can they afford themselves the right to marry ad nauseum and still call the union sacred? If there's such a concern for marriage's sanctity, why aren't multiple marriages legislated?
I went to yoga this morning in a fog. It all didn't seem possible. Did it really happen? My body felt heavy and burdened. I felt carried through my practice in a way that I couldn't have mustered on my own.
So here I am tonight, deeply saddened atop my soapbox and wondering what is next. Or rather, where is next? On
Spoon's website tonight there's a posting w/ a link to the best countries to live in. I hear Canada is gleefully accepting applications for residency. (Seriously, I did hear that.)
Yes I get that discontent comes from mistaking the impermanent for permanent, but it is still hard to watch this country self-destruct.
Oh, and to show that I haven't completely succumbed to the depths of despair, I dug the Interpol show last night. ~80 minutes of much-appreciated respite.