19 / by vanessa

Two quick things: 1) Went to Shiva's class tonight, finally, which was SO worth the wait. Bryan Kest always says things like "make love to your back" when we're in upward dog and yet nothing in his tone even slightly makes me want to do anything but draw my shoulders down my back. Know what I'm sayin'? Meanwhile over on Main street in Venice, Shiva's knockin' the lights down to a low whisper, puttin' on the soft jazz, and gettin' us into the sweetest vinyasa. It was like a moonlit lake. Ok I'm puking too - but I tell you it was a great class. You should totally go.

2) Yesterday when I was watching Little Miss Sunshine the decidedly mute brother totally reminded me of Elliott Smith which sucked because why did he have to go and stab himself? (Elliott. Not the brother.) There is this Lucinda Williams or maybe Emmylou Harris song or maybe even someone else's that goes: "See what you lost when you left this world, this sweet old world..." and it's true. It's not perfect - there's disaster, there is abundant crime, there's heartbreak and illness and all of the above and much more that I'm leaving out. And still I can't be convinced that it's not worth living. Some see dead people; I see serendipity and magic and possibilities.

OOH!! One last thing ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet friend Malia!