18 / by vanessa

Q. What's the ratio of a pumpkin's circumference to its diameter?
A. Pumpkin Pi!
Happy Halloween!!!

I haven't had an injury in a really long time and now I've got this wrist thing going on and it's making chatturanga impossible. I have to practice w/ blocks for every vinyasa. And yes, I know that injuries are our greatest teachers, but why did this teacher have to come in the midst of catching a second (or is it the tenth?) honeymoon with my practice?

One of the things that I really admire about Baron, Bryan Kest, Shiva, Annie Carpenter, etc -- is that they push you beyond where you think you're capable of going and yet do so in a way that is both compassionate and present. It's a teacher's connection, I suppose, that allows the student feel like the teacher is not calling these postures to be mean or showy, and that somehow he too feels them in his own body. Anyone can teach a hard class, but the teachers I'm inspired by are those who challenge me to go to new places with presence, confidence, and grace.

Here's one more reason to move to LA: Kevin Federline, yo. That's right - Mr. Spears is performing FREE tonight on the streets of West Hollywood. The world's largest annual Halloween party takes place on Santa Monica Blvd between Doheny and something. This year's big -- HUGE -- event is KFed. What?! We live in like the celebrity capital of the world and we get KFed? Shoot. That's K-f'ed up.