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Know what time it is? Benchtime!

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Today is my first official day of work on the bench in over four years.  In the consulting world, being on the bench means that you’re not on a client project.  Think of it like the summer break that teachers … Continue reading

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Crafts: the gateway to insanity

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Owing to a barbaric travel schedule of late, I have been lurking in a creative wasteland.  I attempted to make up for lost time this weekend by tackling two major art projects.  Which is a little bit like running a … Continue reading

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Marfa, TX… and other places you can’t catch a cab

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(Written last week, but I’ve only just gotten around to posting it.  I’m a very busy girl.) I have spent the last 3 days in West/Southwest Texas. You know what you do in West and Southwest Texas? You do? Marfa, … Continue reading

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