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I heart Magazine of Yoga

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Recovering Yogi has its first press!  We’re on the home page of Magazine of Yoga in a two-part piece where Joslyn and I dish about yoga, art, and the new and improved 700 Club. Part 1 of 2, check it … Continue reading

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Hi, my name is Vanessa and I’m a recovering yogi.

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Holy Krishna.  I haven’t been this excited about a new project in a while.  Since at least June. My friend Joslyn had the brilliant idea last Spring to create a web community for people to talk about how ummm… funny … Continue reading

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Yay! Wednesday Procastination Day!

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Here’s what you can expect me to be doing in the next two hours, instead of writing for my writing class tomorrow morning: 1. Inhaling vitamin gummy bears 2. Catching up on my friends blogs (ahem, write kk, write!) 3. … Continue reading

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Mostly More Words I Loathe

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It’s time for another – okay, second – edition of Words I Loathe.  (The Love part is playing a supporting role tonight b/c I’m borderline surly.) Artificial suffixes, e.g. any word where  -licious or -tastic are appended.  I know, I … Continue reading

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