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Fun with Poles! I Mean *Polls*!

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Some friends and I hit upon a brilliant social question today.  (Okay, maybe it was more like me coercing them to consider it.  Whatever.)  In a question of social capital, how would you rank the following professions?  (NOTE:  This is … Continue reading

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List of Things I’ve Done in the Last Hour Instead Of Writing a New Story

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I have a new creative writing coach.  He’s this associate professor from USC and he’s helping me work on a one-person show.  I should call it my one-person show, but that’s just more commitment than I can handle.  Anyway, last … Continue reading

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Bring Your Own Lampshade, Somewhere There’s a Party

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Though my therapist might correct with me with a more clinically accurate affliction, I have social anxiety.  Whatever it’s called, I have a wicked fear of gatherings where I’ll be forced to talk to people that I either a) don’t know, b) … Continue reading

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Can’t We All Be Adults Here, Folks?

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Look, I know it’s been a while.   I won’t whine about how only the stepchildren flavors of kombucha are left on the shelves (Passionberry, Guava), nor casually mention the beautiful, polished, exquisitely designed, new MacBook Pro I *just* got! … Continue reading

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