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Bliss of the Anointed One

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I started out tonight thinking I was going to write about jumping back on the meditation horse.  You see, I’ve taken a sort of hiatus from it on account of losing weight and all.  For the past six-ish years, I’ve had … Continue reading

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Joy of Twitter

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Twitter is what I’ve been doing lately.  Do you know how awesome it is to wake up to something like this from @azizansari:  ”why rabbits always hopping and shit. sit the f*ck down before i shoot you rabbitt.  #Predicting50CentTweets” You … Continue reading

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Why Whining is Good

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In July I went on a trip with my two besties*.  This annual event is usually spent laughing, complaining, and cruising the internet.  Others haven’t understood how or why we could waste so much time, but we do, and we … Continue reading

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